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Financial solutions

A solution for every client:

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Multi FO – External Asset Managers

We have a very personalized service with access to our execution desk and a wide range of global financial assets. A multi-currency consolidated asset platform with a leverage option (lending value).

Single Family Office

While respecting the essence and customs of each family, we focus on the individuality of each family group to understand the scope and address their financial objectives.
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Private investors

We offer a high-level financial service for their investment portfolios that enables them to achieve their life goals, taking into account their financial and real estate assets.

Institutional investors and strategic collaboration agreements

We seek to provide tailor-made portfolio and investment vehicle advisory services to other institutions, and we establish relationships with partners based on trust.
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Investors who make their own investment decisions.

We have global partners for the custody, settlement, and distribution of financial securities.

  • Euroclear: Custody of assets valued at EUR 29.6 trillion with an annual value of EUR 791 trillion in settled securities transactions.​
  • DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation): Offering services to over 130 countries valued at over USD 57 trillion. It processes more than 90 million transactions a day.
  • Allfunds: With over 78,000 funds available and more than EUR 380 billion in assets under management.

Investment advice

Investors who, based on an individualized investment strategy, require tailored and recurring investment recommendations.
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Client strategy and financial planning

We advise you and offer innovative and personalized investment recommendations according to your personal investment objectives, preferences, and risk profile.

  • Defining an investment strategy that makes it possible to achieve short-term targets without jeopardizing the mid- and long-term objectives.
  • Life goals: regular income, accumulation for retirement, selling a company or property, investment, and long-term saving for future generations.

Investment services

  • Global Asset Allocation.
  • Personalized recommendations according to the investment plan or as dictated by the market.
  • Diversification among institutions and issuers.​
  • Selection of products and funds recommended by our group (tactical, core).
  • Other investments: venture capital, real estate, hedge funds, private equity.

Global Ex-custody Advisory

  • Comprehensive advice for all your portfolios.
  • Global reports and global equity audits.​
  • Review of costs and analysis of products offered.

Discretionary managed portfolios

Investors who, based on an individualized investment strategy, delegate their investment decisions to our team.

Your time is very valuable, and that is why you may want to delegate your investment decisions to a professional with experience in this area. Our team of investment professionals will take the time needed to understand your financial position to ensure your investment strategy suits your needs.