Personalized financial advice

We go the extra mile to help you to manage, protect, and grow your wealth
Personalized Advice

What sets us apart?

We are focused on wealth advisory and management, and we have means and resources – such as our self-clearing license – that allow us to expand our capabilities and services with greater efficiency, agility, and flexibility.

Self Clearing

With the priority and security that your investments deserve

The self-clearing license allows us to expand our capabilities and services in the world’s most important financial market. In this capacity we are permitted to custody client assets and settle trades efficiently, independently, without reliance on third parties. We believe this platform enables us to over greater efficiency and flexibility ultimately benefiting our end customers.

Your investments will benefit from a competitive position, enhanced control allowing you the potential to generate more opportunities for your investment.

Open architecture

With independent access to the global markets.

You will have access to a wide range of global financial assets, including an extensive range of international investment funds, to construct your desired investment strategy. 

Consolidated positions on our multi-currency platform

Understanding your consolidated positions is key to good analysis and decision making.

You will have a multi-currency platform, with more than 30 currencies available, allowing you to view all your investments in a single location, whatever your currency.

Financial Advice and Wealth Planning

Good financial advice always requires good planning

We have experienced financial professionals with international expertise who seek to provide you with personalized service, helping you to find the right solution to suit your needs.

Financing and Margin Lending

Being able to take advantage of market movements without decapitalizing.

Adhering to a strict risk policy, it is possible to leverage your investments, so you can get the most out of your investments and access your assets without the need to decapitalize. 

Network of counterparties

Over 25 years trading on financial markets worldwide.

Access our network of more than 75 counterparties throughout the world that offer optimal alternative solutions in the market. Our experience is an asset to you, offering highly seasoned and valued execution of Latin American and high yield bonds. 

Our management model

A model based not only on what we do, but on how we do it.
We base our business model on identifying investments in revenue producing industries and sustainable businesses, seeking short-term stability and long-term returns.
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Every client has a unique situation and specific needs. We manage our clients’ wealth based on the identification of their needs from a financial, legal, and fiscal standpoint.


We apply a philosophy to the management of investments to make them flexible in the face of complex and changing market environments. You will have access to a wide selection of global financial assets, including an extensive range of international investment funds, for the optimal construction of your investment strategy.
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Multidisciplinary service

The comprehensive approach to wealth is possible thanks to meetings between clients and the financial advisors, involving a team of professionals and offering a multidisciplinary service.

Comprehensive approach to wealth

With a view to the long-term preservation of wealth, we consider aspects such as inheritance, business, taxation, real estate and financial assets.


We uphold the highest standards for the security of our clients assets, through Depositary Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Euroclear Bank, and Allfunds Bank custody services, selected for their leadership, reputation, and overall market presence. Creand Management, our SEC-registered investment adviser, can offer you independent asset management services.

Philosophy and investment method

We manage our clients' wealth based on the identification of their needs.

Fixed income

We seek attractive returns at all stages of the cycle while also deploying various risk controls.

Fund selection

We identify the funds that are most suitable for each category and that provide real differentiating value.


Our objective is attractive and sustainable returns over the long term.

Alternative products and private equity

We work to diversify portfolios with assets that are less correlated with the financial markets, partnering with the industry recognized private equity fund managers.

Structured products

We operate on the basis of diversification, protection, and additional return.