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Multi Family Office – External Asset Managers

 We offer a custody and execution service, with a wide range of counterparties and multi-currency products along with consolidated reporting capabilities.

Private investors

We offer a high-level financial service that seeks to target assisting investors in reaching their life goals and financial objectives.

Single Family Office

We understand the essence of every family group in order to determine the scope and address their financial objectives.

Institutional investors and strategic collaboration agreements

We provide tailor-made services to other institutions, and we establish relationships with partners based on trust.

What sets us apart?

Creand Wealth Management is a Miami-based broker-dealer which has been licensed since 1995. We provide global asset management services for private and institutional investors.

The firm is regulated by FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), the MSRB (Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board), and the NFA (National Futures Association). It is also a member of the SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).

In 2018, with the target of extending its presence in the United States, the firm obtained a self-clearing license from FINRA, enabling us to expand our service capabilities in the largest financial market in the world. This license allows us to offer a comprehensive service, from the custody of assets on a multi-currency platform, to our personalized wealth management service with an open and flexible architecture.


Understanding our clients is our priority

We anticipate your expectations

The difference is not only what we can do, but also how we will do it.

Our clients are unique, and so is our service. By combining the resources and capabilities of a large company with an international presence, we are able to move towards the ideal of flexible, creative, and individualized service. 

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Management model

We are advisors and managers

Capabilities and resources combined with an open architecture are the foundations that enable us to offer you a service with commitment to quality standards.

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Tailor-made solutions

A solution for every client

Learn about our service levels so we can best adapt to your expectations and meet your needs.


Le acercamos el valor de los conocimientos y las reflexiones de nuestro equipo experto.

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19 de Noviembre 2020

Pagos en transformación

Transformación es una palabra que a menudo se basa en el concepto de eliminación o sustitución. Pagar es cada vez más fácil. Las maneras de pagar y, por tanto, de transmisión del valor ya son sin contacto, instantáneas e invisibles.

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19 de Noviembre 2020

Nuevos tiempos

En mi último artículo, el pasado mes de febrero, llegaba a la conclusión de que “las mejores entidades seremos aquellas que sepamos hacer convivir la atención presencial y personal con la digital y personalizada”.

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19 de Noviembre 2020

Cuando baje la marea

Los mercados financieros se han quedado enquistados después del rebote de marzo, y parece que no saben decidir si seguir con los ascensos o deshacer parte de las ganancias. Creemos que se descuenta mucho ya, y toca ser prudentes, dentro del optimismo.

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19 de Noviembre 2020

El círculo virtuoso de la renta fija

La reactivación de la economía ha generado cierta euforia a juzgar por la recuperación de los principales índices adelantados a nivel macroeconómico. Sin duda, las medidas que están implementando los bancos centrales y los estímulos económicos a nivel global están posibilitando la recuperación en los mercados de renta fija.

Creand Securities & Creand Management

Creand Wealth Management is a group of affiliated financial entities involved in financial advisory and global wealth management. It includes Beta Capital Securities LLC under the brand name Creand Securities, a U.S. registered broker-dealer regulated by the SEC and FINRA, as well as Beta Capital Management LLC – RIA now called Creand Management, a U.S. registered investment advisor regulated by the SEC.

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